Your Favorite Foods Might be Getting Your Smile Bad

Have you noticed some changes to your teeth? A sort of studies was done to gather explanations behind the change of color of the teeth. The basic thing that turns the teeth bad is the acid from foods that creates a further cavity and tartar to the teeth. This eventually do a huge difference to the teeth and only teeth whitening cosmetic dentist could help with the stains.

Moreover, there could be a lot of reasons but one thing you might be surprised- that most your favorite food had made them so dull. Some accidents and family history can attribute to the color of the enamel. Yet the most ones were the food that we intake on a daily basis and lack of care to the teeth. Here are the other causes of change of teeth colors:

Carbonated Drinks – The carbonated refreshments has this acid to cause the enamel teeth to darken and decay in the long time. Coffee and tea – lot of people love coffee and might wonder their teeth are turning out yellow in the long run. Teas are more likely to produce yellowish teeth due to the tannic acid it had. Millions of individuals love this two so there are more issues that arise pertaining to darkened tooth enable

Colored drinks, chocolates and sweets… yes they could bring such dull color to the teeth. So a habit of oral care and dental practices will be the basic step to healthy teeth. You must clean or brush your teeth right after the intake of this stuff. Another alternative to prevent further discoloration is to use straw upon sipping the tea or drinks. Also, visiting a Puresmile booth in sydney will help you to restore the natural color of the teeth and as well provide a whitening treatment at home or other advices for your dental care.