Factors to Consider In Selecting a Printer

Are you planning to buy a printer or plotter but you are confused about what type of printer to choose? If so, don’t settle for less if you can have the best type of printer perfect for your needs.

To help you, here are some of the factors to consider when you are to choose a printer.

  1. Speed. The volume of your printout is necessary for choosing the printer. If you are printing a high volume of documents you should consider fast print printers.
  2. Operating Cost. You should consider the cost of replacements of consumables such as ink cartridge, toner, and others. Its availability must be also considered.
  3. Resolution. If you want a high-quality resolution print, then you choose over 1440 dpi printers. This type of printer is best for printing photos, graphics, and high-quality text.
  4. Printout Size. When selecting a printer, the size of the printout is to be considered. If you will print a nonstandard paper, blueprint, heavy cardstocks, and transparencies, you should choose a printer whose paper path is not sharper than 90 degrees. This will allow you to print various types of media without experiencing jamming.

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