Attractions in Iconic Sydney Australia

Are you wondering why Sydney is a most visited city in Australia? The answer is very simple! Sydney is a most preferred tourist destination because of its natural beauty, delightful foods, best accommodation and exciting activities that you can engage in. Aside from being a home of the most iconic attractions in Australia, it has also so many wonderful events and festivities that makes the city lively and wonderful. Also, the city features a sub-tropical climate which means that it is a nice place to stay or visit all year around.

Among those famous attractions visited in the city are the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Mardi Gras, Sydney Tower, Luna Park and the Royal Botanical Garden.

The Sydney Harbour is popular for its natural beauty. As a fact, the harbor is considered to be the city’s architectural gem. Its surrounding area features a harbour foreshore that contains a bush land, in which you can see a wide range of native animals. It is perfect to visit during the celebration of the New Years Eve. During the celebration, it is the centerpiece of the world popular NYE fireworks display. Located in the Harbour in the inner suburb is called the Rocks. It is a very popular destination for the tourists. You can find many crafts shops, souvenir items and more than 100 stalls selling items perfect for gifts. It also features many historical buildings such as the Dawes Point Battery, Sydney Observatory and the Cadman’s Cottage.

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The Sydney Opera House is known to be the world famous 20th-century buildings that serve as venues for arts, music, and presentations. It is also the hub of Sydney’s rich history, culture and art. It is situated at the Bennelong Point on the Sydney Harbour. The building is surrounded by many impressive attractions such as the Harbour Bridge.

The Watsons Bay offers spectacular views of the harbour, the sea, the city and the bridge. It is mostly a residential area with a nude beach, recreational facilities, and restaurants. One of the most well-known restaurants in the area is the Doyles on the beach. It is the most popular and visited seafood restaurant in Sydney.

Another famous icon in the city is the Tower. It is the tallest structure in Sydney and the second tallest building in Australia. It features an observation deck where you can have sweeping views of the city, the sea and the nearby attractions.

Sydney doesn’t end with these attractions. All throughout the year, whatever the season it is, Sydney is a nice place to visit. You could always find many exciting activities to engage in, you can see many spectacular sights and have a taste of its delectable cuisines which will got you smiling right after you have them all.